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Play RPG Online Games and Get Paid To Play Them

June 26, 2011 admin

Making money from plan RPG’s (role playing games) online is something that can actually be achieved in a variety of different ways. There are black markets in many online RPG games which will allow for the selling of your virtual items. Some of these games include:

  • Aion
  • Lord of the Rings Online
  • World of Warcraft

Even though this specific type of commerce isn’t specifically outlawed, in a lot of games it’s rife with fraud and does violate some games terms of service. So you just want to be careful to read the terms of service prior to selling any items. The fortunate thing though is that the online game Everquest 2 from Sony Entertainment has a market which is built-in and supported as well as sanctioned by Sony. Using Sony’s refer a friend program in conjunction with the market, will allow you to make some real cash just from playing an online RPG.

Since anything and any other market that violates terms of service could get you in a little bit of trouble, we won’t talk about any of those, but we will discuss how to make money through playing Everquest 2 online.

Creating Your Character

You will want to first install the program and register for your account with Everquest 2. You’ll want to then begin by creating your character. You’ll want to do this on either the Bazaar server or the Vox server.

Refer a Friend

Registering for Sony’s refer a friend program is completely free of charge. You want to attach your second Everquest 2 account to your friend’s account and then create an additional character, creating this character on the same server that you created your first character on.

Two Accounts Is a Path to Efficiency

In order to do this effectively and efficiently you’ll need to have two gaming accounts. You can open two instances of the game, and do this in order to be able to log in to both of your accounts. Then group your two different characters together and set your second character to follow your first character through using the games follow command. At this point you can then minimize the second game window as you’ll no longer need it.

Use Experience to Your Advantage

You can use the experience from your refer a friend to get your characters to their maximum levels. If anything is unclear, you’ll find a large variety of websites online to help you out with this process.

Creating a Live Gamer Account

Create live gamer accounts for both of your Everquest 2 accounts. After you’ve done that you want to attach both of the live gamer accounts to your account with PayPal. If you don’t already have a PayPal account, it’s quick and easy to set up.

Exchange Your Characters for Cash

As mentioned above, you are allowed to sell your characters in exchange for real cash. You’ll be able to list and sell both of your characters through utilizing the exchange list on your Everquest 2 account. The Exchange will allow for an auction type listing of items, currency and characters.

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Pros and Cons of Getting Paid To Play Video Games Getting Paid to Play Games, It’s real but Beware

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